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  • 聯系我們 CONTACT
  • 全國售服熱線

  • 18262272806


  • 銷售一部 : 86-13706188164

    銷售二部 : 86-15949215796

    銷售三部 : 86-13921270586

    地址 : 無錫市錫山區廊下鎮宛山村委隔壁錫宛路29號


  本公司主要生產經營旋噴鉆機系列;錨固鉆機系列;注漿泵和泥漿泵系列;以及各種鉆機和鉆具的 組合配套,所有產品都得到了市場驗證和客戶好評。

wuxi Banshan Engineering machinery manufacturing co. ltd.is set research and development, production,sales and constrution in the integration of the engineeringdrilling machine of professional manufacturers, the company.

The develope economy. convenient transportation,beautiful scenery of taihu lake,wuxi,jiang suprovince.The company mainly produces series rotary spray rigbusiness;Anchordrilli machine series;Core drill series;Grouting pump and mud pump series,as well as a variety of drill.

Machine and tool sets,is the only compangy that has aconstructiong team,wuxi.Good faith quality first,customer supreme,mid-levels of us have a dream that hope to keep consistent business philsophy.Pursuit of first-class technology,gen To build first-class products,provide first-class service is our duty-bound,area of wuxi banshan will always be your successful partner,and reliable A friend

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